Jodi & Leighton | Engagement

When I look at these images I get tears in my eyes. This is my girl. She's been my main lady forever. It's been a childhood of sharing memories and staying up late talking about boys we "liked". It's crazy because now my sweet friend is marrying that "cute boy" we have known for years. It seems like yesterday we were awkwardly making conversation with the cool Smith boy at youth group. I am grateful the awkward braces years are over, and we no longer think rapping to T-swizzle is cool. Just kidding.....I still think it's cool. ;) 

Jodi has been one my very best friends since we could walk. I am thankful for our friendships throughout the years, and having the ability to witness this beautiful love story unfold. I have watched them go from friends, dating, doing long distance for years, and now to become husband and wife. Their story is rich with authenticity and deep love for each other. I feel incredibly grateful to be called a friend and share in their love story. Capturing their engagement pictures and being in their wedding is such an honor. I am thankful to be part in this incredible love story.