Anna & Zynon | Engagement

 As we sat across from each other in a cafe downtown, I could see and feel the joy as Anna talked about this new boy. She talked about him in a way I had never heard her talk about anyone else. It was the kind of joy and love that looked beyond the arbitrary day to day details. It was the kind of love that was steady, unwavering, and unconditional. The kind of love where you'd climb mountains for the person. You'd take on life's hardest task, because anything seems possible with that person by your side. As she went on I knew her love for him was rich. She loved his heart, how kind he was, how he was a provider, and his love for the Lord. Right then, I knew she'd found the one. As Anna's mom said, "when Anna finds the right one.... she'll know". Anna, I am so happy you found the "right one". I wish you nothing more than a full lifetime of joy!  I can't wait to watch you embark on this next journey of life. 

I've been dreaming up this session for a few months with Anna. Honestly, since she bought this dress and showed me. I knew exactly what I wanted and hoped for this session to be. Anna took my vision and ran with it....and well..... you can see by the images they look INCREDIBLE.