Kari and Corey’s Wedding

Kari and Corey said “I do” with wonderful friends and family surrounding them. Although threatening clouds dared to ruin the day, the ceremony went on without any rain. The moment I met Kari and Corey I appreciated how laid back they were about the process. They took things a day at a time. They dealt with every situation with incredible poise and calmness. Their sweet pastor became ill just a few days before the ceremony, so with a rush they searched for a new pastor. But still with great calmness Kari informed with me ease that she wasn’t worried…..it’d be alright and all work out. Their calmness about the situation paid off, because the day went on without a hitch. They danced the night away under twinkling chandeliers  with sweet friends and family. We loved every minute of being with this couple and photographing their beautiful day.


IMG_6829 IMG_6700 IMG_6704 IMG_6748-2 IMG_6774 IMG_6787 IMG_6899 IMG_6905 IMG_6912 IMG_6955 IMG_6989 IMG_6981 IMG_7087-2 IMG_7103 IMG_7267 IMG_7307 IMG_7317 IMG_7321 IMG_7332 IMG_7568 IMG_7678 IMG_7682 IMG_7692 IMG_7706 IMG_7429 IMG_7421 IMG_7439 IMG_7432 IMG_7831 IMG_7121 IMG_7114 IMG_7129 IMG_7162 IMG_7164 IMG_7969 IMG_7794 IMG_7926 IMG_7932 IMG_8225 IMG_8231 IMG_8288 (2) IMG_8235 IMG_8357 IMG_8375 IMG_8518 IMG_8545 IMG_8629 IMG_8633 IMG_8803 IMG_8901

Aymi and Peter’s Wedding

Have you ever left a wedding wanting to learn to salsa dance? Aymi and Peter tore up the dance floor with their fabulous salsa skills. Their first dance will forever be remembered in my mind. Aymi and Peter were in sync not only with their dance skills but in sync with each other throughout the day. The love these two shared was so rich throughout the day. They continually went out of their way to make friends and family from all over feel welcome. This couple was so very special and I am very excited for this new adventure they are embarking upon. They are a very sweet couple with BIG hearts.

Aymi and Peter we LOVED working with you and sharing the excitement of your day. Many blessing to you both!! Gracias por permitirnos ser parte de su día especial.

IMG_4651 IMG_4717 IMG_4713 IMG_4709 IMG_4693 IMG_4670 IMG_4673 IMG_4662 IMG_4824 IMG_4949 IMG_6845 IMG_6873 IMG_6831 IMG_6748 IMG_4962 IMG_7030 IMG_5026 IMG_5024 IMG_5019 IMG_6616 IMG_5132 IMG_5134 IMG_5171 IMG_5191 IMG_5196 IMG_5221 IMG_5230 IMG_5348 IMG_5377 IMG_5571 IMG_5594 IMG_5611 IMG_5634 IMG_5645 IMG_5650 IMG_5723 IMG_5716 IMG_5711 IMG_5701 IMG_5666 IMG_5676 IMG_5765 IMG_5796 IMG_5829 IMG_5833 IMG_5864 IMG_6114 IMG_6117 IMG_6143 IMG_6179 IMG_6095 IMG_6046 IMG_6021 IMG_6537 IMG_6418 IMG_6391 IMG_6382 IMG_5955 IMG_6351

Brittany and Jeremy’s Wedding

Have you ever met someone and just loved their personality from the start? Brittany was a blast to work with from the very beginning. She has been truly kind beyond belief throughout the whole process. I knew doing their pictures was going to be a complete joy. They were so fun to work with and their wedding was a BLAST! Let’s just say they know how to have a good party. I love this couple, and I loved this wedding.

Brittany and Jeremy your little family is absolutely beautiful. I wish you all the best on this new exciting chapter of your life. Dana and I loved being able to celebrate with you. Xoxo

IMG_2389 IMG_2472 Untitled-1 IMG_2655 IMG_2674-2IMG_2633 IMG_2944 IMG_2963 IMG_2967 IMG_2978 IMG_3045 IMG_3033 IMG_3010 IMG_3005IMG_2983IMG_3112IMG_3095 IMG_3419IMG_3402 IMG_3397 IMG_3383 IMG_3357 IMG_3354 IMG_3346 IMG_3437 IMG_3307 IMG_3298 IMG_3255 IMG_2810 IMG_2803 IMG_2798 IMG_2791 Untitled-10 Untitled-12 IMG_3556IMG_3566 IMG_3691 IMG_3686 IMG_3867 IMG_4349 IMG_3717 IMG_3714 IMG_3509 IMG_3527 IMG_4132 IMG_4155 IMG_4188 IMG_4333 IMG_4399 IMG_4416

Allie and Steven’s Wedding

I have been waiting with excitement to post this stunning wedding. Allie and Steven’s wedding was a dream. The decorations, the dress, the sweet families, and the amazing atmosphere was down right perfect. When I first met with Allie and her parents I knew the wedding was going to be so much fun….and I was right. Love was in the air all night long. The love Allie and Steven have for each other, and the love that poured from both of their families to them was so very evident. I hope you all enjoy a few sneak peeks of this lovely couple!

Allie and Steven, you have such loving  family and friends. Dana and I enjoyed every second of  your wedding and we appreciated all the kindness from everyone.  I wish you all the best on this next journey of your life. I know you both have a very bright future ahead in Florida. Dana and I had an absolute blast working with you. Xoxo


IMG_9506 IMG_0141 IMG_0100 IMG_0291 IMG_0270 IMG_0261 Untitled-5IMG_0068IMG_0078IMG_0227 IMG_0328 IMG_0309 IMG_0300 IMG_0320IMG_0380IMG_0439 IMG_0433 IMG_0460 IMG_0493 IMG_0486 IMG_0475 IMG_0470 IMG_0586 IMG_0613 IMG_0636 IMG_0673IMG_0794IMG_0776IMG_0866IMG_0926 IMG_0939 IMG_0951 IMG_0983 IMG_0975 IMG_0967IMG_1010 IMG_9993 Untitled-6Untitled-2IMG_1450IMG_0247IMG_1816 IMG_1938IMG_2101 IMG_2269

Laura and Nicholas

Immediately I was blown away by how relaxed and calm this couple seemed about their big day. Though weddings are always full of countless details, they were focused on each other from the start. It was obvious from the moment I met them that their day was going to be a beautiful reflection of their love of each other, as well as the love of family and friends. Their day was no exception as they smiled, laughed and enjoyed it to the fullest. Laura and Nicholas, I am so happy for you! You are a beautiful couple and your wedding was a blast. Congratulations!!
IMG_7980 IMG_8023 IMG_8040 IMG_8096 IMG_8104 IMG_8149 IMG_8198 IMG_8329 IMG_8334 IMG_8402 IMG_8408 IMG_8428 IMG_8433 IMG_8641 IMG_8643 IMG_8711 IMG_8723 IMG_8781 IMG_8794 IMG_8824-2 IMG_8829 IMG_8835 IMG_8843 IMG_8846 IMG_8860 IMG_9030 IMG_9042 IMG_9073 IMG_9097 IMG_9103 IMG_9123 IMG_9152 IMG_9259 IMG_9265 IMG_9326 IMG_9334 IMG_9345 IMG_9409 IMG_9425 IMG_9429 IMG_9432 IMG_9497 IMG_9539 IMG_9552 IMG_9571 IMG_9579 IMG_9588 IMG_9648 IMG_9652 IMG_9697 IMG_9711

Kevin & Bridgette | Wedding

I knew from the second I met Kevin and Bridgette working with them was going to be a joy. I could see their love was so evident and they were excited to get married. I love it when my couples are thrilled about their wedding!! Through the whole process they were so sweet and great with details. It really was wonderful working with them.  Their wedding was just about as awesome as they are.  From the cake, to the dress, and everyone there, it was perfect.

I could have spent all day photographing these two love birds! Seriously, could this couple get more stunning together? Could Bridgette get any more beautiful? I don’t think so. She was gorgeous and Kevin looked very dapper. They made photographing them a complete dream. They were a beautiful inside and out, and I’m so glad I was able to spend the day with them. Enjoy a few sneaks of this STUNNING couple! IMG_3835 IMG_3734 Untitled-1     IMG_3822 IMG_3743 IMG_3708IMG_3947 Untitled-3 IMG_4176 IMG_4142 IMG_4127IMG_4543 IMG_4575 IMG_4528IMG_4604 IMG_4633 IMG_4639 IMG_4665 IMG_4649 IMG_4496IMG_4594IMG_4444IMG_4417IMG_3995IMG_3985IMG_4734 IMG_5006 IMG_5488 IMG_5394 IMG_5332 IMG_5587 IMG_5550 IMG_5032 IMG_5046 IMG_5098 IMG_5142Untitled-2IMG_7936

I’m back | Personal

Hey all!! I am back to blogging and I couldn’t be more excited. The last few months have flown by and I mean FLOWN, but I have loved every second of it. Between finishing out the semester, and having client meetings almost every weekend, I have learned so much about myself. How to stay organized, where I see myself going in life, and what my strengths and weaknesses are. Isn’t it funny how the craziest of times reveal the most about yourself?? On top of all that  I have learned what the absolute most important things are in my life, and the importance of taking time out for them. I have learned that no matter how big the to-do list the important things in life are the relationships I have. It was quite the juggling act that I will admit I did not master very well at times. But I am thankful for the experience and the valuable lessons that are learned through not always having it all together.

So with all that being said I have been so blessed to see the transformation in myself and my business in just a few short months. I am overwhelmed by the amazing people I have met and continue to meet, that I get to call my clients. It’s a gift I do not take for granted. I am blessed, overwhelmed with everyone’s love, and SO excited for everyone to see what’s to come this spring/summer. Get excited y’all (can a New Yorker say y’all?? ) I will be hitting the blog a whole lot more with personal and photography related posts.

Stay tuned and happy Thursday!!

The Lord’s lovingkindnesses  indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness. ~Lamentations 3:22-23


Amanda and Chris | Wedding

Hey all, meet Amanda and Chris. Their wedding was at the Red Mill Inn and it was positively stunning. The scenery, decor, and of course handsome couple were all perfect. Amanda and Chris are easy going and genuinely so sweet. I loved them from the second I met them, and I knew it was going to be great working with them. It was such a joy to be part of such a special day in their life. 

Enjoy a few photos from their FUN country wedding! :)




Happy Wednesday everyone!

Short and sweet

I could get used to weddings like this! I love the long days, I really do. Being with the bride and groom from start to finish of their big day is something very special, and not something that I take for granted. But this wedding was great! Amy and Jason had me booked for only an hour, and it was just enough time to capture all the special moments of their wedding. The vows, a few family pictures, and a few of just them together. This wedding was special and one that I will truly cherish. Their vows for each other were truly beautiful (I think everyone was wiping tears away). The love that these two have for each other was so evident. I am so thankful to have been part of this.

Amy and Jason, your wedding was beautiful and penetrated right to everyone’s hearts. I am so excited for you guys and the future the Lord has for you both. Thanks for letting me be part of such a huge event in your life! Enjoy!!



Little bundle of joy!

For most people this is the first full week of work  in the new year. Definitely not very much fun, but I hope this little man can bring a smile to your Monday! Our family is so in love with this boy! All the Aunts out there you know exactly how I feel when I say he has stolen my heart. I could not possibly love this little boy more than I do. His face, toes, nose, cheeks are so perfect. Ahhh!!  We have been so blessed by being able to see him every Sunday.  We get to snuggle and love on him until he’s hungry or has a stinky diaper, then it’s right back to momma. Did I mention being an Aunt is AWESOME? Not only do I get to avoid the “stinky work”, his parents are gracious enough to let me steal him for some impromptu photo shoots. I am sorry Noah, but many more photo shoots are in your future. ;)


IMG_0187-2 copyImageImageImageImageImageImage

Had to add this one! ;)


Have a good week everyone! :)