Short and sweet

I could get used to weddings like this! I love the long days, I really do. Being with the bride and groom from start to finish of their big day is something very special, and not something that I take for granted. But this wedding was great! Amy and Jason had me booked for only an hour, and it was just enough time to capture all the special moments of their wedding. The vows, a few family pictures, and a few of just them together. This wedding was special and one that I will truly cherish. Their vows for each other were truly beautiful (I think everyone was wiping tears away). The love that these two have for each other was so evident. I am so thankful to have been part of this.

Amy and Jason, your wedding was beautiful and penetrated right to everyone’s hearts. I am so excited for you guys and the future the Lord has for you both. Thanks for letting me be part of such a huge event in your life! Enjoy!!



Little bundle of joy!

For most people this is the first full week of work  in the new year. Definitely not very much fun, but I hope this little man can bring a smile to your Monday! Our family is so in love with this boy! All the Aunts out there you know exactly how I feel when I say he has stolen my heart. I could not possibly love this little boy more than I do. His face, toes, nose, cheeks are so perfect. Ahhh!!  We have been so blessed by being able to see him every Sunday.  We get to snuggle and love on him until he’s hungry or has a stinky diaper, then it’s right back to momma. Did I mention being an Aunt is AWESOME? Not only do I get to avoid the “stinky work”, his parents are gracious enough to let me steal him for some impromptu photo shoots. I am sorry Noah, but many more photo shoots are in your future. ;)


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Had to add this one! ;)


Have a good week everyone! :)

Demotts put a twist on Mondays!

I had a bad case of the Monday blues this morning. The whole waking up to sleeting rain and no sun is definitely not my cup of tea. But like any other Monday I got ready and headed for school. Fast forward tonight as I was finishing up this family shoot I was overwhelmed by how cheerful the Demotts are. I don’t think I have ever really witnessed Brooke or Brian without a smile. Kind of amazing if you ask me!! What an inspiration to even in the worst of worst Monday mornings to smile and put things in a different perspective. I love this family and I love their vivaciousness! They are a true light to this community and I can’t wait to see the change they will bring in these next few years. I am so thankful to call them friends! Hope you enjoy their pictures!! :) 


Happy Monday everyone!! :)

Tis’ the season for family photos!!

These two sweet families were so much fun to photograph! Tracy contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I was available to do some family pictures over Thanksgiving break of her family, her brother and sister in-law. Now most photographers know what I am talking about when I say not meeting with clients before a shoot can be intimidating. You never know what to expect. I can gladly say I was overjoyed when the doorbell rang and I was greeted by two very friendly pups and two incredible sweet families. :) What a joy to work with such wonderful people. They were relaxed, sweet, and ready to go and do whatever I asked of them. They had the “lets get this done” mentality that I love.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Styled shoot with Anna!

Yesterday, I was reminded how thankful I am for my dear friend, Anna. She is so beautiful inside and out! We have been friends for as long as I can remember and I am so thrilled to have watched her develop into the great woman she is today. She has a genuine heart and spirit for the Lord. Anna is definitely one of those people photographers love to photograph. She did EVERYTHING I asked and smiled through all my weird ideas, like wearing a floral crown (more on that later ;)). She is a trooper and truly the definition of a trusting friend.  The craziness of life always seems to inhibit us from getting together, but I am thankful for the sweet time we had together yesterday morning during the shoot.

Now back to the floral crown, I LOVE them. I have seen the idea in so many different places, Pinterest, blogs, magazines….etc. After ooohhh and ahhhing over them I finally attempted one. It’s definitely not a master piece, but I would lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little proud of it. Anna definitely rocked it the entire shoot.

I am SO excited to share these images with you . Enjoy!!

Oh did I mention she woke up at 7 am to do this shoot?!?!


Happy Friday everyone!! :)

Meet Dana! Woman of God, crafter, thrifter extraordinaire, baker, reader and blogger who loves making something out of nothing.

I may be slightly biased, but I definitely have the most beautiful sister. Ever. She is creative, smart, and completely genuine! Dana is married to her wonderful husband, Matt, who is super techy and who, BTW, makes all the changes to my blog and makes my website run. He is AWESOME and I most definitely could not make this blog nearly as beautiful without his help. He is a trooper when it comes to helping me out. Back to my sister, I am so glad she is putting her talents to good use by BLOGGING. Guys, she is amazing and full of amazing ideas…..GO FOLLOW HER. She can be found on her blog @ or @ I stand amazed at her crafty ideas and delicious food recipes. If only I got some of those crafty genes. My crafts always end up with me using a glue gun and getting very burnt fingers. My craft skills are right up there with my techy skills. ;)  So hats off to my sister and her techy husband for their impeccable talent and creativity.  They are a creative couple who work together to have a beautiful marriage and serve their church, family, and community. They are awesome and I hope you take a second out to check out her fabulous blog/Facebook page. Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful lady!!



Heather and John’s Wedding!

This wedding will probably go down as by far one of the best weddings I have helped photograph. I wasn’t planning on blogging this wedding, but I couldn’t help myself for several different reasons. One being, could Heather get any more beautiful? Seriously guys! She has the MOST genuine and authentic beauty. Second, I loved this wedding, because it was a couple completely enthralled with each other. I loved every moment of being with them and sharing their joy.

These pictures warm my heart and remind me how special it can be to find the ONE. ! I couldn’t have been more thankful to witness such a beautiful love story that is just beginning. So much love, laughter, and beautiful smiles!



Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed!!!

Wayne and Jaime’s wedding!!

Jaime and Wayne are two very special people and I am grateful I was able to photograph their wedding. Everything was done to absolute perfection on their wedding day and best of all it was them. I am strong believer that every wedding should clearly represent the bride and groom. What are their loves and what makes their relationship tick. Jaime and Wayne mastered this to absolute perfection. They took simple things that they LOVED, but made it elegant and sophisticated. And not only were they fabulous decorators, they were crazy about each other. Their love for each other shone all night long and it was completely captivating.

Jaime and Wayne, I am so thankful our paths crossed and I was able to be part of such a special day. You both were some of the sweetest and most kind hearted people I have worked with. Many blessings to you on this brand new adventure!!


Baby on board!

Last week our fun adventure of apple picking, quickly turned into an impromptu maternity shoot. While we do have a maternity shoot schedule for later this month, I couldn’t help but show you at least a few pictures from this shoot. Jake and Winona truly have a special glow about them and I am jealous. They don’t take a bad picture. Seriously, not one. Both of them have radiant smiles that could light up anyones day. I can’t wait for the opportunity to photograph them again later this month. For now, I hope y’all enjoy these pictures.


Love this one! Genuine happiness!



Ellen and Ian’s wedding!!

Can I just say I love my job?!?! Seeing couples share one of the most special days of their life together is definitely a very special thing. Watching them look into each others eyes and share the two most greatest words that will forever change their life, “I do”. Yup, I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Ellen and Ian’s love story was right up there with my favorites. Their love for each other was completely captivating. They were definitely one of the most kind and caring couples I have worked with. And the couple’s families were no exception. Do you ever get to know a family and within just a few short minutes you feel completely at home and welcome? Couldn’t have felt that more with these amazing families.

Ellen and Ian, I wish you the best of luck as you embark on this brand new chapter together. You were beyond a joy to work with.